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10 leisure plans in Torremolinos

Torremolinos, the epicentre of the “Costa del Sol”, is a tourist attraction for national and foreign travelers, all year round. Since the 50s, the city has consolidated itself as leading tourist destination of Málaga province. Its well-maintained beaches, unique gastronomy or cultural diversity, make Torremolinos one of the most demanded destinations by tourists.  

A place where the excellent climate mixes with the wide offer of activities, with leisure as a principal referent. In the end, an irresistible delicacy for all those who know to enjoy the good taste, under the search of unforgettable experiences that fill the traveler with satisfaction.  Following, you will find 10 leisure plans to enjoy in Torremolinos, one of the most special municipalities of the Málaga Coast.

1. Enjoy the Taste of Torremolinos

Gastronomy, the queen of experiences. Torremolinos has boundless gastronomic proposals ready to surprise the most refined palates. To go around the typical “chiringuitos” and bars of the area, enjoying the flavour of the sea, will be, without doubt, a unique experience for the senses.

Enjoy ...

The unique taste of the “espeto de sardinas”, cooked at low heat in the traditional way of the “chiringuitos” of “La Carihuela”, “El Bajondillo”, “Playamar” and “Los Álamos”. To finish,  sweeten your sensorial experience with a good sweet wine of Málaga. It will surprise you!

2. Enjoy Sports: Breath, you are in Torremolinos

It is time to lose the sense of time, to relax and meet those unique sensations that sports gives you. Dare to feel the magic of nature of Torremolinos mountains.


A hiking route through “La Cañada del Lobo” from where you can see the Málaga coastline or  a horse ride along the natural surroundings of Torremolinos, any time of the year.

3. Enjoy your mind in Torremolinos!

An authentic cultural attraction to discover places with a proper style. A walk along Torremolinos will be more than just walking. To find true architectural works, full of history and curiosities, will make your visit the best of experiences.  


The pleasure of learning about the neo-mudejar architecture visiting an authentic mansion dating from the 20s, the “Casa de los Navajas” (House of the Navajas). Add to your experience, the intrigue of discovering the misteries of the city, visiting the environment of the “Torre Pimentel” (Pimentel tower).

4. Enjoy art: art lovers, this is your place

Delight the eye in all its facets, one of the greatest pleasures for those who love art, exploring  the passages of the different urban galleries, or enjoying a creative coffee. It will be an incredible experience.


Unusual beauties distributed through the streets and cultural centres of the city, such as the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Cultural Centre. In addition, you will find exhibitions, theatre plays and workshops that will make of it a vibrating experience.

5. Enjoy tradition in Torremolinos, live it!

The most remote customs and traditions come to life in Torremolinos. The city offers a wide range of events and popular celebrations, well-known in the international scope. A tour through culture, gastronomy and tradition wrapped into dances, singing and enjoyment, all the 365 days of the year.


The genuine traditions of the city, full with the most emotional and espectacular moments. Live the Parade of the “Virgen (Virgin) del Carmen”, on the 16th of July, or Easter, in the most ancestral way.

6. Enjoy the Fair of Torremolinos!

Every year, at the end of September, the Fair and the “Romería” of San Miguel return. Without a doubt, very special festivities to enjoy an impressive demonstration of the strength of traditions in a city that wisely merges religious fervor with the healthy joy of the Andalusian roots.


A Sunday in the “Romería”, on pilgrimage to the Hermitage of San Miguel. You may get there either walking or riding a horse… your choice. Either way, you will find plenty of Andalusian art, dancing and singing on your way.  

7. Enjoy Wellness

Leisure affects the well being of people and Torremolinos has countless offers to enjoy experiences that will leave no one indifferent. Wellness centres, with relaxing sessions of SPA. The Wellness culture through water sports or yoga, as well as the interest for health linked to leisure are always present.


A sound sleep, waking up feeling refreshed the following morning. Nothing easier than a relaxing afternoon in one of our SPAs after a session of paddle yoga.

8. Enjoy Shopping

No matter what you are looking for, you will find it in Torremolinos; from traditional and artesan shops, to fashion brands, traditional markets and jewllery accessories.


An afternoon in the city centre, walking along San Miguel street, losing yourself among the shop windows. Also, enjoy discovering the variety of its two weekly markets, that take place in the Fairgrounds. Do not forget the bazars of the “Cuesta del Tajo” and those of the Promenade of “El Bajondillo”, “Playamar” and “La Carihuela”.

9. Enjoy Dancing! Nightlife

It is with good reason that Torremolinos has gained a reputation of being the heart of nightlife of the “Costa del Sol”. In fact, it was the principal referent of the tourist boom in the 60s. A few years ago, it reapperared with force, offering countless premises to suit all tastes.


A few cocktails along the promenade of “Playamar” and the beach clubs of “Los Álamos”, that offer hammocks as well as good music and the latest in gastronomy day and night.

10. Enjoy alternative plans!

Torremolinos is the referent for enjoyment in the “Costa del Sol” covering activities for all tastes and ages. Torremolinos not only has countless bars and pubs, several concert halls and unforgettable shows, but you may even enjoy the Crocodile Park and refreshing baths in the Aqualand water park, during summer season…

Enjoy ...

Cultural meetings, where gastronomy, live music and fashion merge with pop-up shops. Or, if you prefer, you can live a unique experience in one of the different festivals that take place during the year.

Be daring and discover the most original plans, a different kind of leisure full of diversity and adrenaline that will leave no visitor indifferent. What are you waiting for? Come and let yourself be surprised!