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Environmental Education

Join the protection of the environment on the beaches of Torremolinos

The environment together with environmental education is a current issue that concerns us all. The current problem regarding pollution and climate change has made the environment on everyone’s lips and has increased citizens’ concern about the possible consequences that harmful treatment has on the environment around us.

In Torremolinos, therefore, we seek to transmit knowledge and teachings to citizens, specifically to families, regarding the protection of our natural environment, the fundamental importance of protecting the environment, in order to generate habits and behaviors in the population, that allow all people to become aware of environmental problems in our country, incorporating values ​​and providing tools so that they tend to prevent and solve them.


Our beaches in the summer are an ideal place for the development of this type of activity. Taking advantage of the resources offered by the beach itself, workshops can be held that enhance our imagination, our creativity and our art, using sand, stones, shells, using an ice cube and a shovel. In this way, creativity and the art that is carried inside can be developed, making different figures of sand, beads, instruments, etc.
They will, therefore, be workshops with active participation, in which the use of work and play can be combined, both individually and as a group, thereby promoting coordination, cooperation and group work.

From the Delegation of Beaches of this City Council we plan to carry out during the summer bathing season, a series of environmental education activities.


The general objectives to be achieved with these environmental education activities on the beaches of our municipality are:

• Publicize the environment of the beach and the importance of its protection
• Enhance the creativity and imagination of the participants
• Take advantage of the resources offered by the beach itself
• Encourage cooperation and group work

Information on Activities:

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peopleUntil full capacity
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Bathing season
poolHoly Week, between the Friday before Palm Sunday and Easter Monday and from June 1 to September 30.

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Tips on your visit

Manage your waste

Use the bins and recycling bins for your waste and reduce the use of plastics.

Sun protection

Use non-polluting sun creams that benefit your skin and preserve the life of the seabed.

Responsible use of water

Make responsible use of the water in beach showers. Soap is not allowed on them or in the sea.

Flora and wildlife

Take care of the natural environment of beaches and green areas of Torremolinos to preserve its biodiversity.

Avoid fire

Do not make fires in natural environments or throw cigarette butts on beaches, green areas and urban areas.

Safe Swimming

Follow the indications about the state of the sea of ​​the lifeguard services of each beach.

Sustainable transport

Make your trips by walking, by bicycle or by public transport to reduce CO2 emissions.

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