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The Promenade

The best route along the local beaches, with plenty of culinary and leisure options

You will return to the Paseo Marítimo of Torremolinos time and time again. Such are the many sensations, smells and flavours that it will become one of your best experiences. What’s more, the area’s excellent climate will allow you to visit any time of year, whether in the summer to have a refreshing dip or in the winter to enjoy the brilliant rays of the sun, which will make you see why in Torremolinos this season turns into a beautiful and gentle spring.

The Paseo Marítimo joins two ends of the municipality: from Saltillo beach to los Álamos beach, in the most easterly point of Torremolinos. It is easy to reach from almost every part of town: to get there, just head towards the sea. It’s divided into two stretches by the natural projections of Punta de Torremolinos, popularly known as El Morro.

Overall, it is a long promenade dotted with vegetation, perfect for walking, roller-skating or cycling along the bike lane. A route where you can savour the best fried fish in Malaga, thanks to the quality seaside restaurants, practice yoga on its grassy oasis in the shade of the palm trees, go running in the swash of the sea, do your favourite aquatic sport, enjoy a wine while enjoying the sunset or simply sit and listen to the relaxing wash of the waves while considering yourself lucky.


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